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Reply E-mail Automator will cut your E-mail support time down by 1700%..
"Reply E-mail Automator cut my daily E-mail processing and responding time from 2 hours to only 7 minutes per day!"

Reply E-mail Automator types an E-mail response that used to take you 5 minutes in less than 3 seconds!

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I used to spend a over 2 hours every day responding to the same tedious customer support E-mail questions every single day. Reply E-mail Automator has cut my E-mail processing and responding time from 2 hours to 7 minutes per day!" All the time I save is now spent on actually making money rather than answering questions! I would have paid 10 times what I did for your product, its incredible!
Matt Binyon Salt Lake City, UT

From: Jeremy J. Burns
Date: Monday, May 21, 2007

How would you like to cut the time you spend replying to the same tedious E-mailed questions, day after day by 1700% ?

All of us that are into selling any type of product on the internet spend alot of our time trying to figure out the best ways to automate our websites into well oiled machines that do most of the work making money for us. But the fact of the matter is no matter how automated your site is, there is always going to be a large amount of E-mail to respond to!

It does not matter if you are selling a product that you ship to your customers or a downloadable product like software or an E-Book. Your site may take orders and deliver your product automatically but there will always be a certain amount of E-Mail that you will need to answer every day. The Good News is that about 95% of the questions that are asked are always the same ! You know what I mean.....

When can I expect to receive the order I placed on your website today ?

I lost the link to download the software product I bought from your website, can you re-send me the link?

I am interested in joining your affiliate program can you send me information on how I can join today ?

etc..... etc.... etc....

If you think about it, you are probably like most Internet Marketers in the fact that you on average receive the same 20 or so questions on each product that you sell. It's always the same questions asked, but by different people so your spending a big part of your day typing out the same responses over and over again.

You want to send each of your customers a personal response that's written in a professional error free manner.

I am sure you never do this, but there are people out there that can get so sick of answering the same E-mails over and over that they start typing quick one liners to answer the E-mail with as little effort as possible leaving a very un-professional, and un-caring look about their responses... This is a quick way to generate refunds and non repeat customers!

In order to be a successful advertiser on the Internet, you need an edge over the competition. Reply E-mail Automator is a feature-rich software that can type the responses to your repetitive information seeking, E-mail and support questions that you are receiving every single day. The busier your website gets the more E-mail like this you will receive! Let Reply E-mail Automator cut the time you spend responding to these E-mail's by 1700%. When you save that kind of time you can put it to use doing the things you love or spend it on making more money, not answering the same E-mail day after day.

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