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From: Ladan Lashkari
Date: Wednesday, 10:08 a.m.
RE: I Just Couldn't Believe This!

Dear Newsletter Publisher,

Have you ever seen a man shooting himself in the foot?

Well, this was worse than that...

You see, since 2004 I've had the pleasure of seeing well over 156 people shooting themselves in the foot over and over again, or worse even hanging themselves from a tall tree.

But why do I say "I've had the pleasure?" You may wonder.

Well, the reason is because then I could help 113 of them stop hurting themselves.

"What the heck are you talking about??" I think I hear you asking.

I'm talking about some honest, hard-working newsletter publishers who spend a lot of time and passion on creating their online newsletter, writing quality articles for it, and sending it to their subscribers...

... only to miss a very important part that kills almost all of their efforts.

My pleasure was because many of these people found my website and I could help them find out what they were missing, so they corrected it.

So they happily stopped shooting themselves in the foot every time they hit the "Send" button and sent out their newsletter - but they even attracted more and more loyal readers.

The question is...

Are you sure YOU are not shooting yourself in the foot?

You wouldn't believe it when I told you what important part of your newsletter is doing this to you right now.

But before I reveal it to you right here, let's take this fun test...

Does Your Newsletter Make You Look Like A Thief
Or A Trustworthy, Respected Expert?
Here's an example to help you see it for yourself...

Imagine you have come to a seminar about your business. You meet different types of people and talk to them. During a break, this man comes to you and starts a conversation with you...

He introduces himself as "John - the expert" and tells you that he wants to share some important and valuable information with you.

Let's be frank: How much do you care about hearing his information?

Do you believe even for a micro-second that he could be an "expert"? Even IF you let him tell you that so-called "important information", how open are you to believing what he says?

Are you willing to do business with him?

OK, now let's imagine instead of John, another man comes to you and introduces himself as "Mike - the expert". But he just looks like a little different...

Mike also says he is an expert and wants to share some important information with you.

Is there any difference between your attitude and the way you feel about John's and Mike's information? Which one do you trust more as an expert?

Would you like to do business with...


The same goes with the design your newsletter has.

Yes, this is the important part that is shooting many honest newsletter publishers in the foot.

When your newsletter has a poor and amateur design, your subscribers won't believe what you tell them and will feel you are only "claiming" to be an expert. Your newsletter design will make you look like "John" in your subscribers eyes.

So no matter how long you work on writing perfectly valuable articles and send them in your newsletter, your newsletter design will ruin all your efforts.

But when your newsletter has a professional and trust-building design, your subscribers will be all ears when you share your articles with them, because they have this confidence in you that you are a REAL respected expert who knows what he is talking about - just like how you feel about "Mike".

See how essential having a professional design is to your newsletter success?

Here's 3 Ways You Can Get Great Designs
for Your Newsletter...
There are three options for you...

Option #1: You May Learn to Do It Yourself
To create a professional newsletter design, you need to spend a lot of time and money to learn these programming languages:

Also you will need to learn graphic design programs like:

Adobe Fireworks
Google Picasa
Not to mention having to pay hundreds of dollars to buy these software programs themselves and also buy books and tutorials to learn them.

Oh, and not to mention after learning all these programs, you'll still need to scratch your head for hours and hours trying to come up with a professional design for your newsletter.

So if you don't have so much free time or are just not interested in so much hassles, let's move on to the next step...

Option #2: You May Use Free Newsletter Templates
OK, this might seem more promising at first, but let's see how good it really is...

There are some websites on the Internet that offer free newsletter templates that you can use for your newsletter at no cost - well, at least at FIRST it seems like that, but in reality, this method is not free at all.

There are 3 problems with free templates...

1. You see, to find these websites, you will need to spend hours searching in Google, going to different websites, and trying different templates.

And time IS money - actually it's more important than money because you can spend time to make money, but no matter how much money you give, no one can add even one second to the 24 hours you have today.

So by having to spend so much time, you are actually losing your valuable time.

2. What's more, even after finding a free template that is not very bad and you decide to use it for your newsletter, after a while you see another newsletter is actually using the exact SAME template that you are using.

The problem with free templates is that many freebie seekers will find and use them for their own templates. So the template you use for your newsletter might as well be used in hundreds of other newsletters.

Now guess how much it will hurt your reputation when your newsletter has turned into a popular and famous newsletter but your subscribers came across a copy of your newsletter design in the competition's newsletter?

3. Free newsletter templates - just like everything that is free - are NOT as professional as paid newsletter templates are. Because after all, you get what you pay for.

So by using free templates, you're actually missing on a higher quality design that would give a more professional and impressive look and feel to your newsletter.

Since your newsletter is important to you and you are going to spend hours of your valuable time every week or so to create a new issue for it, do you really want to overlook on the design of your newsletter that is very important?

If you are a serious newsletter publisher, your answer will be a resounding "No".

So this all brings us to the last and the best solution...

Option #3: You Can Use Professional Premium Newsletter Templates
This option is the fastest and easiest way to find the perfect template for your newsletter.

No matter if you don't know anything about HTML, writing JavaScript codes, or creating eye-catching graphics with Photoshop, you can use these ready-made newsletter templates easily in a snap.

What you need to do is simply copy and paste your newsletter content into the template and that's it! Your professional newsletter is ready to be sent out to your list and impress them.

So here comes the most important question...

So How Can You Get Professional and
Easy To Use Templates for Your Newsletter?
Because I saw the growing challenge that more and more hard-working, respected newsletter publishers had to face about finding a professional template for their newsletter, I decided to take action about it...

So I created a collection of quality, easy to use newsletter templates that you can easily use - even if you have no HTML or graphic design skills.

So here comes...

"Ultimate Newsletter Templates"
"The First and Only Collection of Professional, Easy to Use Templates that You Can Use for Your Newsletter Today... to Give Your Newsletter a Good Impression and Attract More Subscribers."

Here are some of the killer newsletter templates that you are going to get...

Newsletter Template #1:
Newsletter Template #2:
Newsletter Template #3:

Newsletter Template #4:
Newsletter Template #5:
Newsletter Template #6:

Newsletter Template #7:
Newsletter Template #8:
Newsletter Template #9:

Newsletter Template #10:
Newsletter Template #11:
Newsletter Template #12:

Newsletter Template #13:
Newsletter Template #14:
Newsletter Template #15:

Here Are How These Templates Will
Make Your Life Easier...
Save yourself days of hard work if you wanted to create the templates from scratch. You can simply use these professional, ready-made newsletter templates and have your newsletter ready in 60 seconds!

You'll get access to a collection of various newsletter templates in different styles and colors, so you can choose the perfect one for YOUR taste and YOUR newsletter topic.

You will get newsletter templates in the 3 formats of HTML, plain text, and PDF, so no matter which format out the most popular formats you want to create your newsletter in, you will have the perfect template for you.

Easy to modify and easy to use HTML templates that you can use for your newsletter - even if you haven't ever created an HTML document before. You just need to copy and paste your newsletter content in your favorite template. That's it!

Save a lot of money because you would have to pay at least $3,000 to hire a designer to create these templates for you.

These newsletter templates are compatible in different email clients and programs, which means your newsletter will look the same on each of your subscribers' computers - not a messy layout that some free newsletter templates will look like.

Your subscribers will happily read every newsletter you send them, because they like and feel good about your newsletter look and feel.

Because of your professional newsletter template, your subscribers will trust you more as an expert in your field, so when you offer your products or services to your subscribers, they will buy from you much more... which means more money in your bank account.

These newsletters have an organized and easy to read design, so that your readers won't get lost in the sea of graphics and will be able to easily find the part they are looking for.

Your newsletter will impress your subscribers because all your competition is using poor newsletter designs, but your professional design will make you stay above the crowd.

You can customize these templates very easily and place your own website header or logo, so that your newsletter design looks even more professional and unique.

There's also a special space in many of these newsletter templates to put your own photo, so that your subscribers will see who is sending them this great newsletter every week or so.

This will help you build a strong relationship with them and turn them into loyal subscribers who always read your newsletter and sometimes send feedback to you.

These templates are brand new so your newsletter design will look completely unique. You certainly don't want to use the same old free template that thousands of other newsletters are already using, right?

Would You Like to Watch these
Newsletter Templates in Action?

Click here to watch the demo video...

In the above video, you will get a sneak peek at the member's area and see what will happen after you get access to the download page.

You will see step by step how you can open your desired template and customize it for your own newsletter in as little as 5 minutes.

This video shows you how you can make changes to your templates any way you like, without writing a single line of HTML code, so even if you have no idea what HTML coding is, you can still easily use these templates.

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